“Thank you and the team for all the support you have provided for the girls, particularly XXX, as she was ready to give dancing up completely before starting at CCDA. She loves it again now, so a very BIG thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a relaxing break.”

Tracy (Parent)

“I wanted to thank you for all you have done this year at CCDA, reading the email you sent out, you must be so proud of what you have done.
Charlotte  has loved every minute of her classes and we have seen how she has grown in confidence  and how much she has come on.”

Donna (Parent)

“I wanted to pass on my congratulations on the news about the young leader’s scheme, you all work so hard to give the children so many opportunities.
You never fail to amaze me with how you manage CCDA. Thank you so much for finding a way of doing this. We really appreciate it.”


“Just enrolled – super timetable thanks for keeping this going makes such a difference. So much appreciated in the household. Hope you are well and thanks for getting Zoom sorted to be up and running so quickly.”

“You’re doing such a great job considering all the challenges.”

“Well done to Miss Katherine Lucy Bates and all the teachers or keeping it going”


“Brilliant memories of great times”

Former Pupil

“A great week. The Summer holidays wouldn’t be the same without the Musical Theatre Bootcamp week so we’re glad you found a way of making it happen and for the dancers to enjoy some ‘real-life normality’ after their Zoom classes this term.”


“My twin girls started CCDA just before they were 3 years old. Staff at CCDA are exceptionally good and utterly dedicated to bringing the best out of their pupils. Staff finely balance challenges with support and provide masses of encouragement enabling all dancers to blossom. The range of opportunities provided is both extensive and exciting. The sense of community among staff and dancers is just lovely older dancers teaching, looking after, and inspiring the younger ones. For my girls dance lessons are the best part of their week!”

“My daughter joined CCDA in January taking ballet and tap lessons. Isobel absolutely loves coming to her dance classes. The opportunity to perform on stage at the Bingham Hall for the presentation day and again at the Sundial theatre for the summer show in front of a large audience has given her so much confidence and transformed her from being quite a shy little girl to an outgoing child who loves performing. There are a fantastic range of dance genres at CCDA to suit all personalities.”

“The Academy is very professional, the summer show was utterly amazing and very inspirational for the younger ones. Everyone is very helpful at CCDA, a real family orientated dance school.”

“I thoroughly recommend CCDA as a dance school. My daughter joined from another school, and from the outset the difference was immediate. The commitment and high standard of teaching has seen her blossom into a beautiful young performer. It has helped her struggling self-confidence and her self-discipline, but most of all she just loves it! Opportunities are plentiful and the shows are legendary.”

“I started dancing with Katherine more years ago than either of us would care to remember!! Growing up I was given the amazing opportunity to dance in competitions all over the country, learn loads of different techniques, and have a second family. I’m so happy to be able to give my daughter the same opportunity with CCDA.”

“Both of my daughters joined CCDA on our return from living abroad and it has been such a fantastic experience from day 1. They were introduced to a wide variety of dances from the outset and both girls have continued to learn more and more, seizing each opportunity to progress and, more importantly, have fun. The wonderful teachers encourage the children to push themselves to be the best they can, but without pressure, and this has meant they have had some absolutely amazing opportunities to dance on stage and in festivals. In addition, they have both made friends for life and now we can’t imagine life without dance! A huge thank you CCDA!”

“CCDA is a great dance school with so many different dance genres and classes available for all ages. The sense of community and support within the school is lovely with talented dancers who are all supportive of each other and experiences, qualified teachers who know how to build your child’s confidence and grow their dance ability.”

“My son has grown hugely in performing skills and dance technique and now enjoys classes across many of the genres available. CCDA has boys-only classes on offer as well which he loves as well as the opportunity to perform to an audience at showcases every year.”

“And there’s no point letting the children have all the fun on their own…I’ve enjoyed some of the adult classes too (having not been a dancer as a child) so plenty on offer for the novice as well as the experienced dancer, whatever your age or ambition!”

“CCDA isn’t just a dance school it’s a family, the supportive teachers and fun loving environment have filled my entire dance training with happy memories. CCDA was not just where I learnt good ties naughty toes it’s where I discovered my passion. The experiences of learning and performing at Cirencester inspired me to follow my dreams and pursue a career in dance. 8 years of vocational dance training later I owe it all to Cirencester.”

Professional Dancer

“If you want a dance school that nurtures young talent and provides a friendly warm atmosphere with bags full of fun and creativity this school is for you. All the teachers are of excellent quality and I would thoroughly recommend the school.”

“It’s been my daughter’s first year with CCDA and can’t believe the opportunities they have given her. Such an incredible show at Sundial Theatre, Skills Workshops throughout the Summer, and today the opportunity to train with Big G Tumbling Camp. Absolutely recommended.”

“As a local Drama teacher I appreciate the professionalism, commitment and confidence that CCDA dancers seem to possess. CCDA students understand aesthetics, creativity and team work.”

“My daughter loves dancing here only been going since January and her confidence is sky-high. 5 stars”

“Great opportunities for dancing and making new friends in a supportive and fun environment. 5 stars.”

“Danced here since before I could walk probably! Couldn’t recommend somewhere to learn to dance more! The teachers are so committed and are such a credit to the school. CCDA ❤”

“My daughter starting dancing with CCDA 6 years ago at the age of 3. As well as expert tuition, in a number of different dance genres, and amazing performance opportunities, It has given her so much confidence. From being quite a shy girl she is now doing a solo festival dance. She has also made some fantastic friends of all ages, and loves every minute of her time at CCDA. Choosing CCDA is one of the best choices I have made!”

“Absolutely an amazing place to experience and develop talent in all aspects of dance. Amazing teachers.”

“I have so enjoyed the adult ballet classes. I always come away smiling. Adri is a great teacher and I love it.”

Adult Pupil