CCDA News Updates January 2021

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2020 was the year of the Covid pandemic and has been challenging for us all for so many reasons. However, looking back on the year I am extremely grateful for not only my family and friends, but also you the wider CCDA community. I cannot believe how much the CCDA family has achieved this year, despite all the setbacks and hurdles.  

Teamwork, resilience, fun, learning new ways of working, completing challenges, stepping outside the box, laughter, feeling proud, being part of something special, enjoyment, great memories, endurance, zoom, fitness, leadership, competitions, trophies, high fives, being thankful, positivity, cheerleading. Are just some of the things that spring to mind to sum up 2020.

In January the Disney land rehearsals were in full swing (sadly on hold till we can safely go ahead with this once in a lifetime opportunity).

February saw the annual awards show, where we look back on the previous year’s achievements and all our beautiful student’s perform. 

Through the early Spring we had many successes at competitions in both dance and with CCDA Phoenix cheerleading who competed at new competitions. We had twelve students involved in the Kingshill senior school dance awards and were extremely proud of all the winners. 

March and COVID-19 hit us all, we became a home dance school! We want to say how amazingly all the students (and families!) coped with making your living rooms, bedrooms, and gardens your studios. We carried on learning, having fun, keeping fit and mentally motivated during a challenging time. You should all be really proud.

In April we launched CREATE an online choreography competition nationwide to raise funds for the Trussell Trust food banks, raising £915.14.

As a school despite the capacity restraints and the needed Covid protocols, we have kept lessons going throughout the Summer and November lockdowns via Zoom (software I had never heard of until 2020!).

Late July/August we reopened the studio for small groups, ran an outdoor musical theatre bootcamp week and were lucky to have our SKILLS summer school week happen in person.  

From September we returned to the studios and we want to thank you all for adapting. As a school, we have been focusing on technique, fun, and improving the mental health of all our pupils. 

We have launched two new programmes: CCDA Classical program – combining the core genres of Tap, Ballet & Modern. Alongside the CCDA Urban Chorus program which focuses on Urban dance & Acrobatics. We have also continued to build on the CCDA Phoenix Cheerleading program, despite the social distant rules and no stunting being allowed nationally. Adults were given the chance to forget the world issues and dance in both Ballet & Tap classes. We have increased Preschool provision with Carer & child Urban Bears classes. 

As the November lockdown hit we were once again back to Zoom. But that didn’t stop you guys and the school even took part in The Children In Need TAPATHON online – raising another £200!

December and 70 students took socially distant dance exams in multiple genres. With two students even managing to do four exams (ballet, tap, modern and jazz!). The sheer work ethic and determination to carry on with their training has been outstanding during this difficult year. 

I am also very proud that in December we were accredited as a centre for National Sports & Dance Leaders qualifications, which will enable our teenagers to further build their abilities and gain new leadership skills, which can be used to further CCDAs work in the community.

Due to the bonus week of classes, the CCDA community took full advantage to help those in need and we dressed up to raise money for a local Homeless shelter charity The Big yellow Bus project. Raising £227.70 

Of course, we did have some disappointments, as for the first time in 23 years, we were not able to have our annual summer show spectacular in Jul and we have had to alter the weekly timetable to allow for the new capacity rules. Sadly, we have also had to put on pause the CCDA Fairford branch due to issues with the venue, but we are very pleased that we have been able to accommodate those pupils into the main school.

So, despite the challenges, another busy year at CCDA. Thank you all for supporting the Academy in all our endeavours.

January 2021 – another lockdown, but with an end in sight we are excitedly looking forward to the Presentations of Awards performance at the Sundial Theatre in March, whilst planning for 2021 summer show running between the 7th – 10th July.

Thankyou all for being involved with the school in the last year, we appreciate you all please keep hopeful and keep dancing!