CCDA under Covid update April 2022

Subject to current guidance, the rules within the Academy regarding Covid have been relaxed a little, but it is still our wish to ensure we keep all children and the teachers as safe as possible.

All venues have a COVID risk assessment, provide hand sanitiser, use a one way system where possible.  

There is thorough cleaning of any touch points between classes

All rooms will have adequate ventilation

Rules from April 2022

1/ When you arrive at class, please queue outside the building maintaining social distancing until the teacher opens the door or remain in your car until you see the door open. 

Please make sure the students are dance-ready e.g. in leotard etc and for younger students with their tap shoes on.

2/ CCDA uniform is expected for all pupils throughout the school (this includes hoody, joggers and class uniform and or CCDA apparel.

3/ Please ensure your child’s hair is in either a bun, or ponytail plait for all lessons, regardless of age (this is a hygiene measure as well as an aid to dancing) 

4/Please make sure the students only bring their shoes and a named water bottle All pupils must carry their own small bottle of hand sanitiser. NO food or snacks.

5/ At Bingham Hall, Stratton Village Hall PARENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE VENUES

6/ The students must wear dance shoes for all classes unless otherwise stated by the class teacher

7/ If during the class the students have to sit or lie on the floor then they will be asked to hand sanitise when they stand up and before we carry on with the next exercise.

8/ If any of the students do not feel well, or are showing any Covid19 symptoms please do not send them to class. 

9/ Pupils who are in contact with Covid in their household, should check with the principal, and may be required to wear a mask in class.

10/ If a child becomes unwell during class, we will sit them in a safe space, and contact you asap.