What will happen when we return to class in September?

1/ When you arrive at class please queue outside the building maintaining social distancing until the teacher opens the door or remain in your car until you see the door open. Please make sure the students are dance-ready e.g. in leotard etc and for younger students with their tap shoes on.

2/ Please make sure the students only bring their shoes and a named water bottle All pupils must carry their own small bottle of hand sanitiser. NO food, coats, bags, etc.

3/ Pupils must not open doors or touch handles. The teacher will open the door and let the students in. NO PARENTS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE VENUES. When they enter the venue, they will use the hand sanitiser place their shoes on the designated area and move to their floor spots (depending on Social distancing rules in September & arrangements at each venue) Please be on time as late arrivals will not be able to join the class.

4/ The teacher will move to her area that will be 2 metres distance away from the students.

5/ The students must wear shoes for all classes (NO BAREFOOT)

6/ The front entrance will be shut but we will open windows and doors to help keep the airflow around the room.

7/ Only one child at a time will be allowed in the toilet. Please note Pre-schoolers must be capable of going on their own. For Prima Bears & CCDA Classical Starlets please see new terms & Conditions.

8/ If during the class the students have to sit or lie on the floor then they will be asked to hand sanitise when they stand up and before we carry on with the next exercise.

9/ The students must be able to change their shoes e.g. undo shoelaces and put their ballet shoes on with NO help from the teachers. You could take out the tap shoelaces and replace them with bits of elastic so they can just slip them off.

10/ Once the class has finished the students will collect their belongings and use the hand sanitiser on leaving the building. The exit will be from a side door or fire exit depending on the venue so we have separate entrance and exit. Please note at all venues, the teacher will children to the designated pick up point/gate. Again, when collecting please wait for the children maintaining 2 metre social distancing and PLEASE BE ON TIME. 

11/ There is a 10-minute break between all groups to allow us to clean and prepare for the next class. Unfortunately, the teachers will not be able to talk to parents at class so please email me ([email protected]) or phone me (07730497023) with any questions, etc you have. Please remember if you require an answer on a Saturday, I am teaching all day so won`t get to the messages until the end of the day.

12/ If any of the students do not feel well, or are showing any Covid19 symptoms please do not send them to class. In some venue’s temperature checks will be carried out before entering the building.

I know this is all going to be a bit strange to start with, but I am sure it will become the new normal in a few weeks and it’s just what we have to do for now. I wish to keep all the children and teachers as safe as possible.