These are a great source of fun, camaraderie and a wonderful way to share your talent as well as progress at a quicker rate

What are the requirements for CCDA Groups?

  1. Pupils who have attended a minimum of two terms in the genre of group and are of a standard required by each group
  2. Space availability – Competition Maximum 16.
  3. Regular attendance and ability to take part in performances and competitions is essential.
  4. Removal from a group would occur if the required commitments are not met.

What are the tuition levels required?

Competition Groups are all by invitation to audition for the group. Please let Miss Katherine know is you are interested so we can ensure you are at the required level and therefore supported in your progress to be invited to audition.

  • Seniors 14-18 years
  • Intermediate 11-15 years
  • Juniors 9-12 years 
  • Tap – mixed age group minimum level grade four by audition
  • *Pre-Junior 5-10 years
  • CCDA PHOENIX Cheerleading Competition Groups 
  • Sparks (6-10 years)
  • Ignites (9-13 years)
  • Flames (12-16 years)
  • Blaze (15-18 years)

They groups display at fetes, Phoenix festival as well as competing in UKCA & ICC competitions.

Tap Groups CCDA

Competition Group Members Regulations

  1. To ensure the best possible chance of achieving, please remember a group is only as good as its weakest member and our aim is to enable all pupils to perform, have fun, gain performance skills, improve confidence, enjoy the competitive experience, group camaraderie and  giving everyone a chance to shine.
  2. Members must be available for all group rehearsals – the ONLY acceptable excuse is a chronic or infectious illness. Pupils who regularly miss rehearsal will be asked to leave the group. The group dances and dancers for each routine will be chosen by the teacher of that group and no discussion will be entered into regarding those choices.
  3. Each group will operate a swing dancer system so that in the event of unexpected illness (especially if a pupil misses the last rehearsal before a competition) the swing dancer will enable the group to be reorganised and allow the group to still perform
  4. Parents are responsible for transport to and from competitions. It is advised to pair up with another parent so they do not need to attend on every occasion.
  5. Shoes, tights and accessories are the parent’s responsibility, the main costumes will be provided by CCDA.
  6. Competition and festival fees will be collected by Nikki Selwyn. Payment for these and any goods ordered should be made promptly before the competition.
  7. When extra rehearsal is needed, it will be necessary for the group to finance the extra sessions.
  8. If a group has been unable to fully rehearse for whatever reason and are not fully prepared they will be removed from competition entry. In that scenario, group members would still be liable for entry fees, as these have to be paid 3 months in advance of the competition.
  9. Pupils should be available for all competitions; rough competitions dates are available for reference. Forward planning of holiday dates or days out is essential to support the group effort to compete as well as enabling the rehearsal schedules for the week before a competition.
  10. Please be aware that you will be needed during the half terms in October, February and possibly during the Easter holidays – subject to competitions entered.

Normally two competitions are entered in the autumn term, three in the spring term and occasionally, one in the summer term. In recent seasons different levels and types of competition other than the All England based circuit have become available; these are mainly Sundays in term time.

Competition Uniform

It is expected that all CCDA group members have CCDA joggers & Hoodies to wear to the competition to show a united group and for health & safety reasons. Please note from spring 2020 there will also be a competition uniform available to the groups.