Miss Katherine is a Licentiate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). Her qualifications include, MA DTP, the Certificate in Dance Education(CDE) in Ballet, Tap and Modern Theatre dance, AISTD Dip, MIDTA, MNATD, Cert Ed(FE). 

Katherine has danced since she was 4 years old, having originally been taught Russian classical ballet- Legat & Vagonova techniques by Lydia Kyasht Junior. She is continually updating her training and has a never ending thirst for dance and movement knowledge, she especially enjoys all aspects of choreography and artistic direction; she works as a freelance choreographer when the opportunities arise. She has produced and choreographed three original works for the International Edinburgh fringe festival, the second of which-“Titanic and the band played on” attracted lottery funding to create & produce.

As Principal of Cirencester Creative Dance Academy, founded in 1997, she teaches the ISTD syllabi and all genres of dance. The academy aims to give students many performance opportunities as well as a sound basic training whilst building on confidence, integrity, social and life skills alongside the respect and camaraderie of teamwork. Katherine has several former students studying vocationally as well as working professionally in London and Europe.

In 2007 Katherine founded “Acting Thru Dance Productions” open to post eighteen dancers, singers & actors, specialising in International fringe festivals and small scale productions to give former students, talented dancers and actors a springboard into the profession. 

Katherine was formerly lecturer in charge of dance and musical theatre productions at Cirencester College for 17 years, at the end of 2016 she left her college post to concentrate further on developing the teaching and pupil opportunities at CCDA, In 2017 Katherine studied for her Master’s degree in professional practice dance teachers pedagogy at Middlesex University, She completed this graduating in July 2019, and has incorporated many of its values into the running of CCDA ensuring a holistic all-inclusive approach, ensuring respect and camaraderie and teamwork is fostered in all CCDAs activities.

Dance is her passion and Katherine hopes to be able to make it yours!