Dancer/Parent/Dance School Agreement

Dance school – CCDA Promises to commit to the following:

  • Provide a professional level of teaching
  • Support the ISTD, ID, RAD, Acrobatic Arts, UKCA & MT syllabi
  • Offer a variety of classes for all ages and abilities
  • Offer a safe environment to learn
  • Provide guidelines and clear boundaries on suitable class behaviour, including uniform
  • Uphold all policies

Dancer – Each student needs to:

  • Show commitment and work hard
  • Follow the rules for uniform/hair/jewellery – details can be found here
  • Ensure good behaviour in a class by listening, observing and not disrupting the learning process
  • Ensure a high standard of behaviour when representing CCDA at all events
  • Have respect for teachers and fellow dancers
  • Be aware of CCDAs policy on non-tolerance on bullying
  • Be appropriately dressed and warmed up to start their classes promptly and on time
  • Ensure mobile phones are on silent and are put away securely and not accessed during class.
  • Ensure photographs and videos are not taken without permission.
  • Store belongings safely – please use the changing area at CCDA Dance Basement, changing room at Fenton’s and Paternoster. Lockers are available for use at the Leisure centre (please do not leave items of value in corridors or unattended)
  • Ensure no rubbish is left behind in changing areas after lessons and use all bins provided.

Parents – Please commit to the following:

  • Support the dance school and dancers with the above
  • Ensure dancers attend classes regularly
  • Ensure all examination students are encouraged to practice at home
  • Ensure dancers turn up in advance of their class time suitably equipped
  • Do not distract the teachers during class time – any issues are to be emailed to [email protected]
  • Respect the teacher’s decisions with regards to class changes, appropriate levels and examination entry

Revised and Updated Autumn 2021

CCDA Parental Agreement