Ballet students have the opportunity to start working on technique for pointe work once they have the following in place:

  1. Have passed their 11th Birthday
  2. Have passed grade 4 Ballet examination
  3. Have been attending Progressing Ballet technique junior class for a minimum of two terms
  4. Have been told by one or more teachers that they are strong enough to start working on point technique
  5. Providing there is a place available for them in the beginner’s pointe class

If all this is in place then under guidance they can purchase DEMI POINTE shoes, these are used for training the feet, strengthening the pupil to stand correctly, building the correct muscles, learning to control the turnout and pull up needed for a safe pointe work technique.

Under no circumstance can this stage be missed out!

Pointework Policy CCDA

Full Pointe shoes can only be purchased when the class teacher expressively advises the parent, not the child of this.

Although practice at home is always required, it is totally unacceptable for pupils to use pointe shoes at home when they have not received appropriate tuition.

Under these circumstances a pupil may cause damage to themselves and make it unlikely that correct pointe work technique can be achieved.

CCDA strongly advises parents against this course of action!