NB: CCDA grade by ability NOT age and progress is strictly on an individual basis, allowing each student to work at their own pace.

How does my child progress to the next level?

  • By examination in that grade (automatic after successful result)
  • By invitation of current teacher due to exceptional progress, commitment and full attendance.*
  • By teacher assessment after a pupil has completed a minimum of 3 terms (excluding show term) in the grade.

How do I request a class change?

The change needs requesting on the Parents Portal before the change of class deadline for the following term; this is normally at the beginning of half term.

How does CCDA support those who need extra coaching sessions?

If teachers feel these are needed by an individual or a cohort, this will be provided, all fees must be paid in advance and all sessions committed to regardless of number attended. 

Are Private lessons available?

Currently these are bookable on Sundays. Private lessons have a maximum of two pupils sharing.

All private sessions are subject to strict 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or full fee is payable.

Although these sessions are uneconomical to offer CCDA will continue this service to support those keen to progress.

CCDA Progression Policy

How do advanced classes & Vocational grades differ from other classes?

At this level full attendance is essential. These syllabi follow industry standard professional examinations. Pupils entering these examinations should be ready for the seriousness and to commit the time and energy required, especially in the last month before the examination. 

This level of achievement prepares pupils who may wish to access further professional training as well as earning UCAS points for those following the university entrance root.