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Our policy is to provide and maintain the best possible service to our organisation, students, teachers, and the public. We take pride in providing a professional service whilst inspiring the highest level of trust.


Staff will be professional at all times and show: 

  • Courtesy in all circumstances 
  • Accuracy in what they do
  • Accountability for the quality of service they deliver
  • Integrity in all their dealings
  • Consideration for the needs of customers
  • Promptness in all their actions, keeping people informed of progress.


This Provision of Service Policy applies to all permanent, temporary, freelance, and casual employees or workers of our organization.



  • The Teacher / Principal / Manager or other designated employee/contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented 
  • It is expected that all employees or workers at the organisation shall adopt the communication behaviors outlined in this policy
  • This policy is not meant to be all-inclusive, and additional behaviors, which support the goal of providing good customer service, should be encouraged and supported by the organisation.


The teacher / Organisation will play a part by:

  • Giving student care a high priority
  • Developing corporate values and practices on student care which are shared across the organisation and communicated effectively
  • Updating information to all employees and workers to add to their knowledge and awareness of people and their care
  • Regularly monitoring its student care strategy to ensure that the needs of all students, parents, carers and the public are met successfully
  • Providing a clear, accessible process for any person to comment or complain about any aspect of their own or the organisation’s services via the professional channels. 



The principles and core values that as an individual or organisation we all share are:

  • Our staff, our students, their parents, and carers are the organisation’s most important people. They are the purpose of our work. All people coming into contact with our organisation will be treated equally. Everyone will have fair and equal access to all of our services.
  • Every person is entitled to:
  • A standard of service which is known and agreed
  • Be listened to when they comment or complain
  • A sensitive response to their needs
  • A rapid response to their complaints
  • A courteous response to their enquiries
  • Continuous attention by us to their satisfaction.
  • There is a clear and accessible complaints procedure in place.



Courtesy will be shown in all circumstances, even in difficult situations where the person may not show similar courtesy in return. Staff will be courteous in their spoken words, body language and demeanor at all times. 

Aggressive or abusive behaviour to our staff and students will not be tolerated and the Principal reserves the right to exclude persons from the school in circumstances where inappropriate behaviour is experienced.



Staff will look for ways to enhance the quality of service they deliver. Concerns about the quality of service should be referred to the Principal. 



All staff and volunteers will act with integrity in all their dealings with the public. 



Face to face contact

We will be committed to:

  • Making sure that our physical premises are accessible
  • Greeting visitors in a polite and friendly manner
  • Making sure our staff identify themselves 
  • Listening to and responding to the needs of our students and families
  • Being welcoming, courteous and helpful at all times.


Telephone Policy

All telephone calls shall be answered promptly and in a professional and courteous manner. When answering the telephone, use a friendly, professional manner. Our greeting is the first thing heard by callers; we are setting an example and making the first impression for the organisation. 

We should speak distinctly, with a warm welcoming tone, letting the caller know whom he or she is talking with, by telling him or her our name.


Written communication

Any and all communication in the form of a letter or email will be written in a professional and courteous manner and should be checked before sending. Written response to internal or external correspondence shall be clear, informative, and timely

The appropriate letterhead should be used. The letter should include the following: date, recipient’s complete name and address, salutation, the response in the body of the letter, the complimentary closing, and handwritten signature. The final paragraph of the letter should include a person’s name and telephone number to call if additional information is needed or if the recipient has more questions.

Communicate in a professional manner when using the e-mail system. Never put anything in an email message that would be viewed as offensive or inappropriate for the organisation. Remember that all information contained in the e-mail message is considered public information. 

The email response should give complete and clear information with the option to use email or call if there are questions. A letter format with a salutation and a complimentary closing should always be used when responding to inquiries. Always check for spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors prior to sending the e-mail message. 

Any form of communication with students/parents/carers/staff should be done so via the company email to ensure an accurate paper trail of correspondence. 

Other contact via electronic channels

It is accepted that we are of a generation where contact can be made more easily between parties via channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. 

All staff / contractors / freelancers associated with the Organisation are reminded that all correspondence relating to students / parents / carers and matters related to Elite Dance & Theatre Tuition should be conducted by the proper channels as laid out above. 

Personal friendships and relationships should not be pursued or encouraged with students / parents / carers via Social Media channels. This includes the adding or accepting of friend requests on Facebook where a personal relationship is not already in existence outside of the connection via our school.

Updated September 2021