To facilitate the smooth running and individual support for all pupils we operate the following terms and conditions.

The new CCDA Terms and Conditions Autumn 2021 Covid-19 update can be found and downloaded to be signed here.

Joining CCDA

  • Students currently attending another dance school must give notice to that school before enrolment will be accepted.
  • Pupils may only join a class once enrolment has been accepted and appropriate fees have been paid in full
  • Any outstanding payments will prohibit class participation until fees are settled

Withdrawal from CCDA classes and services

Required written notice of withdrawal from:

  1. Any class: 6 dancing weeks written notice prior to the end of term.
  2. Discount Rate (3+ classes), a Competition and/or Performance Group class: Full term’s notice
  3. CCDA: Before the change of class deadline of the previous term. Previous rules still apply.

In lieu of notice, a full term fee is payable, however, you are at liberty to dance out your notice.

Please note: All entry fees must be paid in full and costumes, props & CDs returned to CCDA prior to leaving. Items not returned will be added to your invoiced.


  • All fees are payable in advance.
  • Discounts are only applicable when paid in advance.
  • Fees not paid by the due date will automatically relinquish the discount offered.
  • Dance Show contribution (costume & staging) must be paid by due date to guarantee taking part in the CCDA annual Summer Show.
  • All examination fees must be paid by the due date to ensure entry (see Examination Policy).

Please note: If you believe you will have a problem meeting a payment deadline please contact [email protected] to discuss potential payment plans.

Changing Classes

  • New classes can be requested from the CCDA Customer Portal (also known as the “Parent Portal”). Changes will be approved providing that sufficient notice is given by change of class deadline (1st day of half-term holiday each term) and there is sufficient capacity in the class.
  • Class removal can only be centrally applied by the CCDA Principal subject to sufficient notice given by the change of class date. In cases where we cannot immediately fill the space, you will be charged for the interim.
  • Changes after the change of class deadline will incur a £15 administration fee.

Additional Policies

Further policy information can be found on the CCDA website here.

Terms & Conditions revised and updated 2021

CCDA Terms and Conditions