Expert tuition is available in the following styles at CCDA.

Classical Ballet Explained

Modern Theatre Dance Explained

Contemporary Dance Explained

Tap Dance Explained

Musical Theatre Explained

Jazz Styles Explained

Street Dance Explained

Cheerleading Explained

Boys “Billy Elliot” Ballet Class Explained

Foundation Dance Course for Drama & Musical Theatre Performers

Prima Ballet Bears

Other classes are available to compliment the above styles.

Today’s dancer has the opportunities to try very diverse range of styles and choreography which requires well managed progression through technique. Limbering & strengthening classes are essential to allow the student to progress. They are also great for fitness and compliment any gymnastic work. 

Why are Boys classes different?

As boys develop, their need for flexibility and strength as well as stamina are different from the girls. At CCDA we recognise these needs building  strength and flexibility, trust for lifting and use boys natural energy to best advantage, all while having fun. After the age of 11 years, boys need a different training from girls, at CCDA a scholarship place is available for a late beginner who has always wanted to dance and shows the attributes for this style. So feel free to come and try a class and ask for details.