Tuition Packages

Classes are 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. Fees are paid termly in advance. 

Weekly Students

Single classes per term.

CCDA Fees – Spring 2022

Class Duration Cost per Term
30 minutes £50
45 minutes £70
60 minutes £90

Course Discount Students

These students attend at least 3+ lessons per week. NB Enrolment/Notice Terms & Conditions apply.

CCDA Discounts – Autumn 2021

Number of Classes Percentage Discount for Whole Student
3 5%
4 5%
5 5%
6 10%
7 15%
8 20%
9 25%
10+ 30%

Prima Bears- £50
Classical Program
Starlets £70
Rising Stars £90
Core £90
Ensemble £120
Adult Ballet £82

Dancing BEARS

6 Weeks – £36
Full Term – £60

Other Costs You May Encounter:

Examination Entry Fees, Mock Examinations fees, Festival/Competition Entry Fees, Extra coaching due to student non-attendance (whether scheduled classes, examination classes or special activity)

Private Tuition: Examination coaching – Bespoke Solo, Duet & Trios Choreography

Summer Schools & camps: industry professional workshops including: Ballet Boost, Musical Theatre Bootcamp, Cheer camps, National exam week and Skills week.

Class uniform plus CCDA hoodie & joggers (Compulsory).

Other Services

Trial Sessions these are offered in any of the nine genres that are taught at CCDA. Ideally, this occurs in the term before enrolment.

Private Assessment these are available to assess pupil’s dance potential and future dance needs (fee according to duration).

Notice Conditions

Enrolment is taken as continuous unless we receive a completed notice form.

  • A particular Class = 6 dancing weeks notice prior to the end of term
  • Stopping classes at CCDA = Before Class Change deadline of the previous term

In lieu of notice, a full term’s fee is payable.

All entry fees must be paid in full and costumes, props & CDs returned to CCDA.

Ballet Grade 1
Modern Dancer
Pointe Work Ballet