Tuition Packages

Classes are 30-minute or 45-minute sessions. Fees are termly, paid in advance and vary depending on the tuition packages chosen. For further details on prices please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

New Students

  • TRIAL SESSION These are offered in any of the nine genres that are taught at CCDA. Ideally, this occurs in the term before enrolment.
  • PRIVATE ASSESSMENT These are available to assess pupil’s dance potential and future dance needs (fee according to duration).

Course Discount

This is given to students who attend at least 3 lessons per week. This is not applicable in the first term of enrolment and is dependent on fees being paid by the deadline.

Enrolled Students

  • WEEKLY STUDENT Attends one lesson per week in chosen genre.
  • COURSE DISCOUNT Students who attend at least 3 lessons per week will receive a discount. This is not applicable in the first term of enrolment and is dependent on fees being paid by the deadline.
  • PRIVATE STUDENT Students who book regular private lessons each term. Limited availability.

Student Rate

The CCDA Student Rate enables students to receive their tuition at a discounted price. The levels of this amazing opportunity give discounts ranging from 5% up to 50%. The single fee is paid in advance of payment date and requires a full terms notice of discontinuing the package (this should be given by completing a notice form from downloadable forms section on the website).

N.B. – CCDA members who have been having lessons for a minimum full term are eligible providing there is sufficient space in the requested classes.

  • BRONZE: 6 classes
  • SILVER: 7-8 classes
  • GOLD: 9-11
  • PLATINIUM 12-15 classes
  • DIAMOND 16+ classes

Outside of Tuition packages other costs you may encounter are:

  • Examination Entry Fees; Mock Examinations; Festival/Competition Entry Fees; Extra coaching due to student non-attendance (whether scheduled classes, examination classes or special activity)

Other opportunities also available are:

  • Bespoke Solo, Duet & Trios Choreography
  • Private Tuition
  • Summer Schools including Ballet Boost, Musical Theatre Bootcamp, Skills week.
  • Bi Termly Workshops by industry professionals

N.B. – On all tuition packages any ‘Late Fees’ will automatically incur £10 administration penalty.

Student Rate Packages – TERMS & CONDITIONS

To facilitate the smooth running and individual support for all pupils we operate the following policies…


Enrolment is taken as continuous unless we receive a completed notice form.


  • A particular Class = 6 dancing weeks’ notice prior to the end of term
  • Discontinuing Student Rate & All Groups = Full term’s notice
  • Stopping classes at CCDA = Before Class Change deadline of the previous term


In lieu of notice, a full term’s fee is payable.

All entry fees must be paid in full and costumes, props & CDs returned to CCDA.


Ballet Grade 1
Modern Dancer
Pointe Work Ballet