"A fun place to learn to dance and perform"


Grace, Elegance, Poise


Develop, Evolve, Master


"A fun place to learn to dance and perform"


Act, Sing, Express


Develop, Achieve, Succeed


CCDA founded in 1997 by principal Miss Katherine, runs over sixty classes for boys and girls, from pre school to adult each week.

Genres include Ballet, Modern Theatre and Jazz, Tap, Street, Urban and Hip-Hop styles, Musical theatre, Contemporary Dance, Cheerleading and Acrobatic dance.

We provide a broad-ranging introduction through CCDA’s Classical and Urban Chorus programs, as well as genre specific training for pursuing a performing career.

The family atmosphere and camaraderie support our educational values, transferring achievement in dance and performance, to develop and aid the growth of life skills.

CCDA’s mission is to foster your child’s talents and ambitions. CCDA is a fun place to learn to dance and perform where your success is our ambition.

Katherine-Lucy Bates

I danced at CCDA from the age of 2 until 18 and wouldn't change a second of it.
We are given so many opportunities such as dancing at the royal international air tattoo
or in the west end and of course our unreal summer show.

Sophie Isles

My girls love CCDA! They have lots of chances to perform, they take exams & do holiday workshops.
They are taught by an amazing team of teachers & have made lots of friends.

Laura Boxell